The World's First Decentralized Cloud(DeCloud) Trading Protocol is the first decentralized cloud(DeCloud) trading protocol on BSC.


Not only an AMM-based DEX, but also an ecosystem. is committed to building a decentralized financial ecosystem integrating DEX, Cloud, NFT, DAO, GameFi, etc.


AMM Transaction

Based on AMM, realizes a high utilization rate of funds, low slippage and small risk of impermanence. It also realizes the exchange between crypto currencies, as well as various mining such as liquidity mining and trade mining mechanism, creating a high-performance composite DEX ecosystem.

Using COINS to pay for fees is the first DEX in the world which uses the platform token COINS to pay for transaction fees and the discount rate will be up to 50%. The COINS used to pay for fees will be burned as deflation.

Liquidity Sharing supports one-click migration to share liquidity. Users can continue to earn LP rewards.

Referral Reward

Invite friends to get transaction reward and mining reward.

Node NFT

Each node and supernode are regarded as's unique NFT system.

Supernode + DEX

By creating a supernode and binding its own domain name, anyone can create a complete DEX trading system on without code, obtain commissions, coin mining rewards and share the trading depth of the entire community.

Fair Mining Rewards

Users who trade on, providing liquidity, single token mining, liquidity migration, participating in ecological construction, etc. can obtain mining rewards, and get governance tokens COINS fairly.

COINS Deflation Mechanism

Similar to the ETH EIP-1559 mechanism, has the commission deduction and destruction model.

Customize Your One-stop DeFi Platform

Users can customize your one-stop DeFi platform integrating DEX, NFT, DAO, etc., which is more efficient, more convenient and more innovative.

DAO Community Autonomy

Fully decentralized community.



Decentralized trade is based on AMM, which reduces the complexity of trading.
Earn more through trading, staking/migrating liquidity and mining.
Advanced Trade
Users can trade by observing real-time K-line and liquidity pools.
Deductible Fees
Coins can be used to deduct 50% trading fees. The trading fee can be as low as 0.15%.
Liquidity Migration provides this function of one-click “Liquidity Migration” that can easily allow users migrate the liquidity previously provided on DEX .
Node NFT
Each node will become the unique NFT system of to support free transfer.
Personalized customization
Anyone can generate a "Personal DEX Exchange System" by creating a supernode, and obtain related fee income. Or bind their own domain name to generate a "DEX Trading System" with independent domain names.
Market Data
Query Token market data anytime, anywhere.
DAO Governance
Users who hold COINS can initiate and vote on the system. Related proposals include block rewards, halving cycles, new token launches and adjustments to liquidity weights of trading pairs, etc.
Financial Derivatives
As the trading volume and liquidity of continue to increase, we will gradually enrich the structure of various products.
You can check your wallet balance on directly.
Referral Reward
A powerful system supports a two-level referral reward which is conducted on chain. Supernodes can earn the trading fees and mining rewards of the users invited by them.
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