Announcement on the adjustment of the relevant trading pair liquidity mining coefficient
Dear users, According to the feedback of community users, CoinSwap.com will adjust the relevant trading pair liquidity mining coefficient, and it will be officially effective at 14:00 (UTC) on November 13, 2021. The adjustment details are as follows:
Cancellation of liquidity mining trading pair adjustments are as follows:
DAI/USDT、EOS/USDT、XRP/USDT、DOT/USDT、DOGE/USDT、ADA/USDT、Cake/BUSD、Cake/WBNB、AAVE/USDT、LINK/USDT、BCH/USDT、FIL/USDT、NABOX/BUSD、LTC/USDT、XVS/WBNB、UNI/USDT、ETC/USDT、ALPACA/BUSD、SHIB/USDT、NEAR/USDT、AXS/USDT、TLM/BUSD、SFP/WBNB、MDX/USDT. CoinSwap.com has always attached great importance to ecological construction. COINS holders will now enjoy a better trading experience as well as lower handling fees, and of course, there will be a steady stream of benefits. In our brief history, CoinSwap.com has already begun joint mining events with high-quality projects such as Nabox, NULS, KOGE, etc. CoinSwap.com hopes to use this as an opportunity to cooperate with other excellent DeFi projects in the BSC ecosystem.
CoinSwap.com official contact information:
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/CoinSwap_Announcement
November 13rd, 2021
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