COINS Airdrop-Vote for Your Favorite BSC Project
Dear users,
CoinSwap.com is officially live on BSC. The first round of COINS airdrop-for BSC Swap users.
CoinSwap.com is a fair and transparent decentralized cloud (DeCloud) trading platform with no Private sale, no ICO, no Pre-mining. Anybody who wants COINS needs to mine or buy it . Whitelist projects will be selected through Twitter Poll. Users of the winning project will have the opportunity to get an airdrop.
CoinSwap.com will soon launch on BSC, and the COINS will be distributed by airdrop in the early stage. The first round of COINS airdrops will be distributed for free to addresses (not contract addresses) who have recently traded and added liquidity on PancakeSwap, Mdex, Ellipsis, Biswap, ApeSwap, BakerySwap, DoDo, BabySwap. The airdrop ratio of each Swap will be determined through a Twitter Poll.
How to participate:
1. Follow @Coinswap_, Join telegram: t.me/Coinswap_EN
2. Retweet+Comment with your BSC address and @ your favorite BSC project. Users who contribute the most(whose comment has the most retweets and likes)will have the opportunity to receive NFT as rewards. The quota is limited to 2!
3. Vote.
Note: CoinSwap.com reserves the right to explain this event.
Period: September 8th 12:00 (UTC) — September 15th 12:00 (UTC)
How to claim: After the launch of COINS, enter CoinSwap.com, input address, and click “Claim”.
About CoinSwap.com:
CoinSwap.com is the first decentralized cloud(DeCloud) trading protocol on BSC. First deployed on BSC. Based on AMM, nodes join DeCloud to provide liquidity and build ecology. At the same time, they can get commissions, COINS rewards and share global liquidity.


Trade Decentralized trade is based on AMM, which reduces the complexity of trading.
Farms Earn more through trading, staking/migrating liquidity and mining.
Deductible Fees Coins can be used to deduct 50% trading fees. The trading fee can be as low as 0.15%.
Using COINS to pay for fees CoinSwap.com is the first DEX in the world which uses the platform token COINS to pay for transaction fees and the discount rate will be up to 50%. The COINS used to pay for fees will be burned as deflation.
Liquidity Migration CoinSwap.com provides this function of one-click “Liquidity Migration” that can easily allow users to migrate the liquidity previously provided on DEX .
Node NFT Each node will become the unique NFT system of CoinSwap.com to support free transfer.
Referral Reward A powerful system supports a two-level referral reward which is conducted on a chain. Supernodes can earn the trading fees and mining rewards of the users invited by them.
Customize Your One-stop DeFi Platform Users can customize your one-stop DeFi platform integrating DEX, NFT, DAO, etc., which is more efficient, more convenient and more innovative.
CoinSwap.com official contact information:
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/CoinSwap_Announcement
September 9th, 2021
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