COINS Genesis Mining will open trading and mining at 4:00 (UTC)
Dear users:
CoinSwap.com will open trade mining at 4:00 (UTC).
COINS genesis mining participation methods are: single token mining, liquidity mining and trade mining.
COINS BSC contract address: 0xC53C40FB8Ed1522fB9B5a500ae89Bc6b1BbC9302
Genesis Mining Rules: https://docs.coinswap.io/tokenomics-and-mining/genesis-mining-rules Single Token/Liquidity Mining: https://docs.coinswap.io/features/single-token-liquidity-mining PC and Mobile Tutorial for Single Token Mining on CoinSwap.com: https://docs.coinswap.io/get-started/single-token-mining PC and Mobile Tutorial for Liquidity Mining on CoinSwap.com: https://docs.coinswap.io/get-started/liquidity-mining Trade Mining Rules: https://docs.coinswap.io/features/trade-mining PC and Mobile Tutorial for Trade Mining on CoinSwap.com: https://docs.coinswap.io/get-started/trade-mining
CoinSwap.com official contact information:
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/CoinSwap_Announcement
October 20th, 2021
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