CoinSwap.com Launches GameFi New Token CATO Joint Mining, Stake CATO/WBNB LP to Earn COINS
Dear users:
The CoinSwap.com super series of activities, GameFi, META, and NFT, have been officially opened.
The new GameFi CanonCrypto (CATO) joint mining activity guidelines are as follows:
1.CoinSwap.com added liquidity mining:CATO/WBNB LP won the COINS award, the activity period is 15 days, and the specific quantity and mining capacity of each area are all displayed on the basis of the official interview. If there is any adjustment, please inform us after the announcement.
2.CoinSwap.com added deal whitelist, you can trade CATO at CoinSwap.com.
CATO contract address: 0xc052b242b5AF30e5888AF242DaEab6512A9bb68c
CoinSwap.com Mining tutorial PC: https://docs.coinswap.io/get-started/liquidity-mining/pc-tutorial-for-liquidity-mining-on-coinswap.com Mobile: https://docs.coinswap.io/get-started/liquidity-mining/mobile-tutorial-for-liquidity-mining-on-coinswap.com CATO is a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized farms. By joining CATO, you not only have fun but also have the opportunity to make a lot of money.
CATO Game is a role-playing game – Here, you Buy eggs to hatch fish, raise them and transform them into CATOs to conquer new lands, destroy other species on the battlefield to earn rewards, and work to become rich!
We work with the desire to create a world where people can both make a living and have fun through the platform of the digital game. Here, we always believe in our players and empower them to contribute and bring them economic benefits.
CoinSwap.com official contact information:
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