CoinSwap.com Launches GameFi New Token DoragonLand DOR Joint Mining, Stake DOR/WBNB LP to Earn COINS
Dear users:
The CoinSwap.com super series of activities, GameFi, META, and NFT, have been officially opened.
The new GameFi DoragonLand (DOR) joint mining activity guidelines are as follows:
1.CoinSwap.com added liquidity mining:DOR/WBNB LP won the COINS award, the activity period is 15 days, and the specific quantity and mining capacity of each area are all displayed on the basis of the official interview. If there is any adjustment, please inform us after the announcement.
2.CoinSwap.com added deal whitelist, you can trade DOR at CoinSwap.com.
DOR contract address: 0x3465fD2D9f900e34280aBab60E8d9987B5b5bb47
CoinSwap.com Mining tutorial PC: https://docs.coinswap.io/get-started/liquidity-mining/pc-tutorial-for-liquidity-mining-on-coinswap.com Mobile: https://docs.coinswap.io/get-started/liquidity-mining/mobile-tutorial-for-liquidity-mining-on-coinswap.com On DoragonLand: DoragonLand is a 3D tower defense device, which integrates the game card playing and zone playing technology, and creates fast playing games among ethnic warriors, so that players can decide with others and actually collect NFT items and DOR players. General situation: Delegate name: DOR Total number of agents: 1000000000
CoinSwap.com official contact information:
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