CoinSwap.com Supernode NFT Application
Dear users,
The supernode NFT is a special commission system of CoinSwap.com . The supernode of CoinSwap.com is an NFT that supports transfer to other addresses. The supernode is of great significance to the construction of the CoinSwap.com ecosystem.
A Supernode NFT will have the following privileges:
1. Supernode NFT can get level 2 commission.
2. The commission rate for supernode NFT transactions is 40%, and the commission rate for liquidity mining is 10%.
3. A supernode NFT has the authority to create a DEX with an independent domain name.
4. A supernode NFT may receive additional rewards such as COINS airdrops.
At this stage (before the launch of COINS), in order to further promote the global promotion of CoinSwap.com and complete the ecological construction faster, CoinSwap.com is open for limited number of supernode NFT deployments, encouraging institutions, teams, communities and other organizations to participate and become a CoinSwap.com supernode.
CoinSwap.com supernode NFT is issued in a limited number of 1,000. 300 supernode NFTs will be airdropped to media, communities, wallets, index, KOLs, development teams, sponsors and initial liquidity providers.
How to apply:
1.Media, wallet, index
Just contact us by official email, fill your BSC address in the form.
2. Twitter、Youtube、Facebook、Discord、Telegram KOL:
  • Facebook、Twitter KOL: No less than 10k followers.
  • Youtube KOL: No less than 10k subscribers.
  • Discord、Telegram group owner: No less than 2000 members.
3. Initial liquidity providers:
The top 100 liquidity value providers in the early period of CoinSwap.com will receive the supernode NFT (subject to the time when COINS is launched).
4. Developer
If the market-making capital is maintained at more than 100,000 USD within a week, or there are more than 100 trading users, you can fill out the form below to apply for the “Supernode NFT” of CoinSwap.com.
5. Recommender
Anyone who recommends projects to CoinSwap.com to create a liquidity pool, maintains a market-making capital of more than 100,000 USD within a week, or has more than 100 trading users, can contact the official to get a free “Supernode NFT”.
6. Others
Anyone who is interested in participating in the co-construction of CoinSwap.com can fill out the form to contact us.
CoinSwap.com official contact information:
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/CoinSwap_Announcement
September 22nd, 2021
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