CoinSwap.com will start a joint mining with TryHards at 12:00 (UTC) on November 26th
Dear users,
CoinSwap.com will start a joint mining with TryHards at 12:00 (UTC) on November 26th.
The detailed rules for joint mining activities are as follows:
1. CoinSwap.com newly added liquidity mining list: pledge TRY/WBNB LP to get COINS rewards, the activity period is 15 days, the specific output quantity per block and mining details are subject to the official website page display. If there is any adjustment, it will be notified through a follow-up announcement.
2. CoinSwap.com has added a new transaction whitelist, and you can trade TRY on CoinSwap.com.
TRY contract address: 0x75d107de2217ffe2cd574a1b3297c70c8fafd159
PC and Mobile Tutorial for Liquidity Mining on CoinSwap.com: https://docs.coinswap.io/get-started/liquidity-mining
TryHards is an NFT shooting metaverse driven by the community - for the community. The metaverse is a network of always-on virtual environments in which many people can interact with one another and digital objects while operating virtual representations -- or avatars -- of themselves. Metaverse is a portmanteau of meta, meaning transcendent, and verse, from universe. The game is a MOBA - inspired shooter where anyone can earn $TRY tokens through skill and their contribution to the platform by for example providing liquidity and stake their tokens.
CoinSwap.com official contact information:
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/CoinSwap_Announcement
November 26th, 2021
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